Team snp

we ride as one

Team SNP consists of Sam and two talented horsewomen; LaMoza Velisha and Caitlyn Duncan.

The team has a total of 6 beautiful horses who regularly compete.

You can view SNP sponsored rider profiles below, and for the latest updates on the team, please visit: Facebook and Instagram


LaMoza is an Eventer who currently has a team of four horses:

- Sonny (Masterson NZ) is a 11yo, 17.3hh Off The Track

- Bambi (Emmaville Desire) is a 9yo, 15.2hh Warmblood X Thoroughbred

- Queen B (Baylee Bianca) is a 5yo, 16.3hh Warmblood

- Cody (Valentine) is a 12yo, 16.2hh Warmblood X Thoroughbred

Moza is a hard worker who loves riding her horses. With a great passion for Eventing, she is focused on training and developing her horses, along with her own skills and techniques.

Even though LaMoza has her sights firmly set on the future, she loves riding with her friends, as well as competing against her idols.


Caitlyn is a junior show jump and dressage rider from Victoria, who has a team of two horses:

- Sophie (Soap Opera) is a Grey Connemara who represented Victoria in the 2022 Interschool National Championships. They are competing at a 65-75cm Showjumping and at Novice level for Dressage. Soph is always very willing to learn and they are going into the 2023 season focusing on expanding their knowledge along with gaining technique and exposure in the Dressage world.

- Nitro (Its Lux Nitro) is a Bay Warmblood showjumper who is currently competing at 1.10-1.15m. Nitro and Caitlyn are members of the 2023 Jumping Victoria Development Squad, where they will continue to grow as a team and gain more skills, strength and technique, that they will be putting into play in the ring in order to achieve their goals.


At the heart of Team SNP lies an unwavering foundation of support and teamwork. Sam, the visionary and driving force behind the team, wholeheartedly dedicates himself to uplifting each and every member.

Whether it's capturing precious moments as their dedicated photographer, providing invaluable assistance as a support groom, or lending a helping hand in the paddocks, Sam's commitment knows no bounds. His unwavering dedication to the team's well-being creates an environment where every individual feels cherished, empowered, and poised to conquer any challenge.

The deep bond shared between each team member and their horses serves as a powerful reminder that dreams can be transformed into reality with the perfect blend of support and unyielding passion.

Written by DMD