Team snp

we ride as one!

Team SNP consists of six talented horsewomen; Stephanie Rowe, Ashley Hunt, Kate Barton, Jordyn Pretty-Murphy, LaMoza Velisha and Caitlyn Duncan.

The team has a total of 11 beautiful horses who regularly compete.

You can view SNP sponsored rider profiles below, and for the latest updates on the team, please visit: Facebook and Instagram



Stephanie is an Eventer from Kilmore, VIC. Steph has ridden at 2* level Eventing, and also enjoys competing in straight Dressage and Showjumping competitions. Steph is a full time veterinarian and works in a mixed practice clinic, but despite her hectic work life she still strives to keep her horses in peak form.

After a not so good year in 2020 due to COVID, Steph is looking forward to getting back to competitions, and her best campaign yet! She is really excited to start the 2021 season with her beautiful 8yo WB Mare - Erinlea Tatiaana (Maali) and her home bred 5yo WB Mare - Bainbridge Black Velvet (Ava).

Steph likes to coach young riders at local pony clubs, as well as being a dressage judge to give back to the sport.



Ash is an ex-Eventer and current straight Dressage Competitor who owns an array of beautiful OTT Thoroughbreds including:

- Buddy (Mondano) - Chestnut Gelding

- Zak (Vizhaka) - Dark Bay Gelding

- Rusty (Fine Evader) - Bay Gelding

All three boys having very successful racing careers!

Really excited to get back into Jumping for 2021 with her latest addition Rusty, Ash has her sights set on returning to the eventing scene bigger and better than ever.



Kate is an Eventer from Warrnambool, who currently has a team of two gorgeous horses:

- Blossom is a Barton Equine bred warmblood mare who had her Eventing start at Geelong, not to mention taking home a placing. Really excited for her future.

- Irish (Ebazan) is an OTT Steeplechaser.

Irish is Kate's first OTT and she is really enjoying the re-education process. Being an ex steeplechaser he's had lots of jumps experience which is fantastic for his career after racing.

Kate has her sights set on moving up the levels, and I'm really looking forward to watching her and Blossom reach their goals!



Jordyn is an Eventer who has competed in EA95 level Eventing and 105 Showjumping.

Jordyn's horse Frankie (Air Of Distinction), is a young OTT who she is currently training. Competing in Grade 3 after a year of training, I'm really excited to see what this young pairing can achieve.

Jordyn hopes to train more young horses of her own in the future and excel with them in Eventing.



LaMoza is an Eventer who currently has a team of three horses:

- Sonny is a green 6yo, 17.3hh off the tracker who I am currently developing and working with.

- Masculino is a 6yo, 16.3hh, group one winner and is only 6 months off the track. He is an Eventing horse and he has done two competitions.

- Cash is Moza's super Eventer. He has retired from Eventing, but will now restart Dressage.

Moza is a hard worker who loves riding her horses before and after school. With a great passion for Eventing, she is focused on training and developing her horses, along with her own skills and techniques.

Even though LaMoza has her sights firmly set on the future, she loves Pony Club and all her Pony Club friends, as well as competing against her idols.



Caitlyn is a junior show jump and dressage rider from Victoria, who has a team of two horses:

- Sophie (Soap Opera) is a Grey Connemara who is currently competing at a 65/75 level in show jumping and competing at novice level for dressage. Soph is always very willing to learn and they are going into the 2022 season focusing on dressage, aiming to expand their knowledge along with gaining technique and exposure in the dressage world.

- Nitro (Its Lux Nitro) is a Bay Warmblood showjumper who is currently competing at 1.04-1.10m heights. Nitro and Caitlyn are members of the 2022 Jumping Victoria Development Squad, where they will continue to grow as a team and gain more skills, strength and technique, that they will be putting into play in the ring in order to achieve their goals.